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C The coercive power base depends on fear of the negative results from failing to comply. Research has identified nine distinct tactics of political influence. These effects reach beyond the interview: Expertise has become one of the most powerful sources of influence as the world has become more technologically oriented.

Publishing as Prentice Hall Your colleagues at work are constantly talking about the vice-president in your region. D The Machiavellian personality—characterized by the David tif ch09 2 to manipulate and the desire for power—is comfortable using politics as a means to further his or her self-interest.

Specifically, it includes members' acceptance of the authority of a position. B When employees see politics as a threat, they often respond with defensive behaviors, which is reactive and protective behaviors to avoid action, blame, or change.

D Rational persuasion is an effective tactic for exerting upward influence. He also joined the Math Club to spend more time with Mr. C Legitimate political behavior is a part of once formal responsibilities. Because they believe they can control their environment, individuals with an internal locus of control are more prone to take a proactive stance and attempt to manipulate situations in their favor.

E Giving excuses is considered as an assertive IM technique. E Legitimate power is a type of personal power. Most of us follow our doctor's advice.

I could never have handled that as well as you did. As a result, John went on to study math and later engineering in college, and today tells his kids that he owes his career to Mr. It goes beyond the individual as the exerciser of power because groups as well as individuals can use power to control other individuals or groups.

Highlighting one's best qualities, downplaying one's deficits, and calling attention to one's achievements. Ingratiation is positively related to performance ratings, meaning those who ingratiate with their supervisors get higher performance evaluations.

B Self-promotion appears to backfire during performance evaluations. The greater B's dependence on A, the greater A's power in the relationship. Leadership, on the other hand, requires some congruence between the goals of the leader and those being led. Publishing as Prentice Hall Describe impression management IM techniques and the impact they have on interview success.

Those who self-promote actually seem to receive lower performance evaluations. B Referent power is based on identification with a person who has desirable resources or personal traits. A importance of lateral and upward influence patterns B elimination of dependency relationships C downward influence of a leader on his or her followers D ways of establishing control over followers E resolution of conflicts among followers Answer:David TIF Ch strategic management.

Fa4e Sm Ch a. Balakrishnan Mgrl Solutions Ch Wolfson Eup3 Ch09 Test Bank. 2. Both turn through the same angle. 3. The point on the rim has the greater speed 4.

Both have the same angular velocity.

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5. Both have zero tangential acceleration acceleration. 6. Both have zero angular acceleration. David_TIF_Chdoc.

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CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The Nature of Strategy Evaluation 1. Most strategists believe that CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The %(7).

David TIF Ch09 2 Essay CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The Nature of Strategy Evaluation 1. Most strategists believe that an organization’s well being depends on evaluation of the strategic-management process.

David tif ch09 2
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